Where you can buy our beef
Picked up at the farm, meet us at a local pick up point or from a retailer or at a restaurant, we are growing slowly and our beef is available in these ways and places

SWEET Worcester Info


CLOSED, unfortunately - but look for her new reincarnation!
SWEET on Shrewsbury St in Worcester - Chef Alina Eisenhauer has been a wonderful supporter of our beef, using it in many of her special dinner concoctions. SWEET is a staunch supporter of buying local and your meal will be one of the freshest, most delicious meals you've had - we know, we love them!

Ms. Eisenhauer was recognized beyond the Worcester restaurant scene and made several appearances on Food Network shows, including ChoppedCupcake Wars, and winning Sweet Genius.

Armby Abbey on Main St. in Worcester - Chef Damian Evangelous is a true supporter of the local foods movement in Worcester, His imaginative use of local ingredients, including many accoutrements you would not normally think of (he used OUR HAY, that we feed our beef steers, in a dish with our short ribs. One particular steer liked apples and he used apples with that beef to honor his spirit!).
     Chef Evangelous is a local guy, from Sturbridge, who went on to hone his craft at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vt and went on to do unpaid internships at at a Michelin star restaurant in Spain, and in Washington, D.C., at a restaurant owned by Jose Andres (Jose Ramon Andres Puerta), a Spanish American chef who often is credited with bringing the small plate dining concept to America.. He has the freedom and imagination to come up with artful and delicious dishes using the regions finest ingredients and a dish designed by him is always thick with layers of flavor.
     Chef Evangelous uses our beef for it's rich fatty flavor and completely clean and humane background. Look for it on the menu at Armsby Abbey.
deadhorse hill  - Main St, Worcester
deadhorse hill is a seasonal American restaurant and daytime cafe located on main street in downtown Worcester. A restaurant inspired by the New England landscape. They rely on the hard working farmers throughout the northeast and the fishermen along the coast to provide the best possible food at the table.
The restaurant offers two different experiences. During the day, their cafe is open for casual breakfast and lunch, serving pastries, sandwiches and salads with a walk-in setting. In the evening the dining room offers an à la carte and chefs tasting menu that speaks of the season, varying based on the availability of ingredients.
Look for our burger in particular as well as other cuts
Chef Jared Forman is helping to lead the charge in the city’s dining revival, Jared looks forward to bringing his passion and talent to his first owned & operated space.
Getting your order FROM US:
  • We REALLY prefer you come to the farm the first time - we'd love to show you our herd and our practices so you can be SURE we are who we say we are, that our beef is OUR beef - born and raised here, and really is 100% grass-fed and humanely raised. 
  • We can arrange contact free pick up if you prefer. 
  • We can, however, arrange to meet you in Central Mass if this is not convenient for you - just ask when placing your order - we'll work with you on this.
  • We are setting up pickup points in the South Shore, near Boston and the North Shore - let us know if you'd like this option - we can arrange it.
  • We don't normally ship - if you want an order shipped, it MUST be shipped overnight - discuss this with us.