About Us

Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill in New Braintree, Massachusetts, is a Certified 100% grass-fed, Animal Welfare Approved beef producer the only beef producer with both certifications in all of New England. 

I am the owner of the farm operation - my name is Joan Walker, and I became interested in the local food movement, which led me to examine the CRAP and additives that was in the food – especially supermarket beef - that I was eating and feeding my family.

I was also appalled at the inhumane way much of the beef industry treated animals and felt there MUST be other people who wanted natural, local, healthy yet delicious beef that had been treated with respect during its life. I have been proven right. I started this farm and business and frequently have a waiting list for my beef.

People are tired of eating CRAP and my business focuses on the niche market of people who want natural, humanely raised beef, but want it of top taste quality and understand that it takes extra steps to produce this.

The farmland itself has been in the family since the 1950s. It has been in operation as a farm since the 1600s. It is on a scenic road and has sweeping vistas of fields, hills and woods that perfectly lend itself to its market image of healthy soil with happy, well treated cows, producing a healthy and tasty meat.

Randy & I researched the types of cows we wanted to market, the materials and processes needed, price structures and the grass-fed market and after 4 years of preparation choose our first small herd of Red Devon cattle.

The two main reasons Devons were chosen was that A. they marble (and thus taste) best of all cattle on 100% grass (I LOVE their buttery flavor) and B. they are of a docile nature, easy to manage and are naturally healthy and hearty. The small herd continues to grow and is now more than twice the size it was at original purchase in 2012.

The cows are visible at most times from the road, are never confined and always allowed free range of the area they are in that day. They are allowed to be cows. This is the major reason we were granted the prestigious certification of Animal Welfare Approved with a perfect 100% score.

We decided to take over the haying operation to provide a reliable, non-GMO, not hybrid, non-chemically adulterated hay for our animals. It is baled and wrapped while fresh cut and all comes from fields on our road  - . The quality of the feed reflects directly in the quality of the meat.

I raise the beef much longer than most farmers - and it makes a BIG difference in the taste. Flavor is carried by flavanoids in the muscle and fat - and those do not get laid down in any appreciable number until the beef is near 3 years old. Most farms only raise their beef to 18-24 months because of the cost - but this is MUCH too early to get the full flavor and richness that you expect from a fine cut of beef. If you've had disappointing local beef before, this may be one of the reasons.  Our meat is well marbled and flavorful - YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill has orders for many sales in beef  with no advertising other than word of mouth and the bucolic scenery of the farm.

“Could a grass-fed cut, with its lower-fat content, rival a grain-fed cut? Yes: It was succulent, buttery, and robust, with a perfectly caramelized crust. The juices formed a simple, rich sauce”. – Cooking Light Magazine

THANKS to KILL THE BALL Media for doing a great spread showing their impression of a visit to our farm
Great visit and great day - thanks so much to Joe for this great video showing us at what we do. Make sure your sound is up while watching the show (click here)