Grass-fed beef Ordering
What we have available changes frequently. We harvest beef from spring to fall as we love the flavor on grass and don't like it QUITE as much on hay - so we only harvest on grass to make it perfect.  
Feel free to call, text or email if you have ?s or would like to order or get more info.  We definitely can do contract free purchases if you prefer.  
Like you I get loads of SPAM phone calls so you'll find I'm a faster responder to a text than to a phone call.

Rib Eyes - our best seller!
Our Rib Eyes sell out within hours of us getting them in. If you would like to be on the Reservation List for them, let us know!

We have a store at the farm that is open most days from 10-6. Feel free to check with us before coming (we ARE gone occasionally). 

We'd love to have you visit and see how we do things and how we raise our animals.

Call or TEXT us at area code 508 and the number is 317-2790

or  email us for questions, arrangements or to order. 

We OCCASIONALLY can arrange to meet you in many places in Central Massachusetts. Time off the farm is precious, so we need to be available at the same time.
We do ship, but know that the USPS does get it's share!

     We sell our 100% grass fed beef at our store on the farm. The beef we have at any time were raised, as are all of our animals, on our non-gmo grass pastures, our own hay, no hormones, no antibiotics and our own spring fed water. They were treated with love and lived in a no-stress environment and moved to new paddocks daily. We do NOT use any biomass type fertilizers. 

     We raised them until they were FINISHED. The marbling is superb and one chef described the taste as something he hasn't tasted since he lived in France.

      As there much of it was immediately scooped up by our regular customers, supplies of each cut are limited and not all cuts are available at all times and dwindle until new beef comes in. I don't send beef before it's ready just because supplies are low - I want stupendous beef and if we all have to wait a bit, that's what we do (me included!). I do take reservations for future beefs or cuts you may want I am out of. Rib Eyes are sold out well in advance and we  have a wait list - don't be afraid to get on it! You won't regret it. When our meat was served at the James Beard House in NYC, this is what they ate and raved about!

     Unlike MANY other farms, we do not buy in "feeders" - all of our cattle are bred, born and raised here. We do not send beef to the butcher in the winter - it tastes much better when it's been eating nice green grass. Our meat is very popular with chefs and our current customers. We are sorry when we have a low inventory but we won't harvest any beef until it is completely finished - our standards are very high and we won't rush the process.

contact us link and we'll discuss your needs.

We encourage you to visit us if you wish and ask as many questions as you like. An informed consumer is our best customer. Email or call Joanie for more info at the number above.