In New Braintree Massachusetts

Our Promise: We provide Certified 100 % grass-fed beef products as pure, healthy and TASTY to our customers, animals and the environment as possible. We cater to the consumer who wishes to provide themselves and nurture their family with high quality, untainted, locally grown, sustainably and humanely raised, nutritious, wholesome food and products. We have an overriding concern for the humane treatment of our animals while maintaining sound, ecologically responsible land and resource management. We participate in and contribute to the strength and pride of the local grass-fed beef & unadulterated food movement in Worcester County Massachusetts.

A Cut above the REST - we think of our beef as "premier cru" - a term the French use to denote top-drawer wine. 

two of our BEST EVER beef are due back from the butcher in early-mid July after hanging for flavor and tenderness. Freezer orders are the most economical way to purchase our beef. Click the linkto go directly to large order prices.


On-line ordering and shopping cart

Buying great grass-fed beef just got easier!

GRILLING SEASON SPECIAL while supplies last! a FREE pound of burgers with any bundle purchase or other purchase over $100.
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